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We Power Market-Leading Business Events with Bold Initiatives & Forward-Looking Innovations

Upcoming business Events

October 10 – 11 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 17 – 18 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

November 21 – 22 | Dusseldorf, Germany

November  28 – 29 | Berlin, Germany

December 4th- 5th | Munich, Germany

February 6th- 7th | Madrid, Spain

February 6th- 7th | Madrid, Spain

About Anno Lucis

Who we are

Anno Lucis powers market-leading business events with bold initiatives and forward-looking innovations as we create & deliver transformative experiences that help move you forward.

We are Europe’s fast-rising disruptive company in the business events production industry, poised with a global outlook and emphasis on value-creation for our clients and partners.

Empowerment, Innovation, Quality & Collaboration are at the core of our collective services as we help businesses, partners and people transform…

What we do

We empower our clients and partners to win in their specialized disciplines and business domains through our timely curated business events – Conferences, Summits & Expos, Conventions, Workshops, Seminars and Training to giving them the requisite edge needful to stand out in this 21st century.

Our market-leading business events are platforms where industry leaders, top-level executives, decision-makers, companies and institutions, leading solutions & services providers, and rising professionals from varying industries convene to…

How it unfolded at one of our previous summits

Our Previous Business Events

September 26 – 27 | Stuttgart, Germany

May 23 – 24 | London, United Kingdom

February 21 – 22 | Berlin, Germany

February 7 – 8 | Berlin, Germany

November 22-23 | Frankfurt, Germany

What Other Attendees Say

One of the things I really like about this conference is interactions between panelists, speakers and audience. We had so many discussion without any kind of barriers. This conference provides platform for a very open and interactive learning and networking.
Lex Tan
The added value of attending Anno Lucis event here, is that you get an opportunity to interact with a lot of peers, people from different background.
Cees Werff
This conference was very welcoming from the start. People were keen to interact, to speak with each other and to learn more about each other’s background. A great atmosphere was created and I will happily come back to this type of event!
Nick Pester