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ComplyCloud is a GDPR and compliance attorney in the cloud, working 24/7 at a fixed price.

ComplyCloud is a software-as-a-service that enables companies to easily create and monitor GDPR compliance documents and easily create a full audit trail of sanctions compliance online.

ComplyCloud is founded and led by an IT and compliance Attorney and now has more than 10 employees, all highly specialized within compliance and GDPR.

ComplyCloud is focused on transforming legal compliance from manual work flows to online automated processes in which ComplyCloud perform transparent legal assessments based on algorithms and user input.

GDPR solution for the insurance industry

ComplyCloud enables insurance companies to ensure compliance with the following features:

  • A to-do-list that adapts itself to the users’ input.
  • All necessary legal documents are created and updated by filling out intuitive questionnaires.
  • Users can easily do self-assessments and perform control with data processors.
  • ComplyCloud provides legal and technical support with quick guaranteed response time.
  • If there are changes in the law or guidelines under GDPR, ComplyCloud updates the legal documents automatically.

Sanctions & Embargo solution

We have made a separate solution for the insurance sector’s compliance with sanctions & embargo compliance.

The solution makes it easy to ensure sanctions & embargo compliance with the following features:

  • Users can easily search in all relevant sanctions & embargo lists.
  • The system updates the sanctions & embargo lists daily.
  • Users can easily browse through search hits, make comments and log audit trail.
  • The customers have a constant overview and can download reports for internal or external audits.