Our collective services
at Anno Lucis help businesses & partners transform…


Anno Lucis powers market-leading business events with bold initiatives and forward-looking innovations as we create & deliver transformative experiences that help move you forward.
We are Europe’s fast-rising disruptive company in the business events production industry, poised with a global outlook and emphasis on value-creation for our clients and partners.

At Anno Lucis, our methodical approaches cause us to relentlessly monitor our established niched business areas, examine and identify critical themes, industry trends, topical issues, market challenges and business-wide subjects that represent “need-to-know” areas for decision-makers, experts, companies and institutions, solution providers and professionals like you in such areas and industries.

Empowerment, Innovation, Quality and Collaboration are at the core of our collective services as we help businesses, partners and people transform.







We empower our clients and partners to win in their specialized disciplines and business domains through our timely curated business events – Conferences, Summits & Expos, Conventions, Workshops, Seminars and Training to giving them the requisite edge needful to stand out in this 21st century.

Anno Lucis’ market-leading business events include:
– B2B Conferences & Summits
– Conventions & Expos
– Workshops, Seminars & Training
– IP Exclusives

In addition to providing you with forward-looking content that is relevant, informative, fun and educational with renowned speakers & trainers who come to share their perspectives, you are certain to come through with invaluable experiences and initiatives, offer you activities that help you understand, learn and implement so that you can move forwards quickly in your decision-making, and plans to create something in turn.

Our market-leading business events are platforms where industry leaders, top-level executives, decision-makers, companies and institutions, leading solutions & services providers, and rising professionals from varying industries convene to:

  • Get key industry insights that are valuable in time and space

  • Gain a deeper understanding to pressing business challenges and opportunities

  • Learn about the latest trends in relative business niches

  • Acquire the condensed experiences from leading solutions and services providers

  • Be empowered with relevant tools to making informed decisions and effective implementations

  • Network, interact and share knowledge at agenda sessions and as well guaranteeing unmatched opportunities for new business development, valuable information exchange, and ideas