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7 Questions about Back Office in Banking with Werner Weingraber

Reinventing the Back Office: 7 Questions to Werner Weingraber A MBA holder from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Werner Weingraber, who is also an expert speaker for our Back Office Summit,  is working in investment research division in Raiffeisen Bank International AG. As Department Head Research Sales and Operations, he is responsible for sales […]


The Banking Sector Has to Innovate or Face Stiff Competition

In a banking conferences held earlier this year, banking professionals gathered to talk about the latest trends. The main topics included tech, digital, Fintech, and space and remarkably the emergence of the use of Blockchain, RegTech and the future of digital banking and finance, with leading investment experts from all over the globe offering their insights regarding the matter. It became […]


Digitization of Banking

The Challenges in the Digitization of Banking Services The biggest change brought about by the technological advancements in this era would be in the dynamics of customer service. Having seen how people have become reliant on information technology is something that banks and other industries have to adapt to. Therefore, it is not surprising that […]