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7 Questions about Back Office in Banking with Werner Weingraber

Reinventing the Back Office: 7 Questions to Werner Weingraber A MBA holder from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Werner Weingraber, who is also an expert speaker for our Back Office Summit,  is working in investment research division in Raiffeisen Bank International AG. As Department Head Research Sales and Operations, he is responsible for sales […]

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RPA Implementation Across the Industries

Robotics Process  Automation in Banks RPA Implementation in the finance sector helps banks to considerably reduce real human involvement in routine tasks. RPA ensures efficiency of operational processes, cost reduction and compliance with regulatory requirements in bank organizations. Today most of the banks utilize RPA mainly for optimizing below listed processes like: Opening accounts for the […]

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Robotics Process Automation Global Market to reach $5,1 billion dollar by 2025

According to the recent research conducted by Tractica, the RPA market will rapidly increase from $151 million (2016) to approximately $5,1 billion by 2025. The key industries contributing to such growth will be finances and banking sector, communal and telecommunications sphere, retail, commerce, healthcare and insurance. The fastest developing market for RPA solutions, throughout the […]